Professional area

Since 2006 Château l'Ermitage is part of a commercialization platform of wines of the Vallée du Rhône:

Ambiance Rhône Terroirs

Your wine consumers change. They consume less but they are becoming more demanding and curious to discover new wines, new typicities. The wine market must adapt.

You, professional, wine vintages wines are looking for authentic, accessible and gourmet This confronts you with a problem that we understand:

Find these new wines, transport, store and pay.

Hence the birth of Ambiance Rhône Terroir whose strengths are:

Offer you wines of the Vallée du Rhône, through our logistics

8 Independent Winegrowers
Propose on a single place a range of:

  • 12 AOP of the Vallée du Rhône, including 
  • 9 wines of Côtes du Rhône 
  • 42 wines of the Vallée du Rhône 
  • 7 sorts of wine fountains

All these wines are available on our platform, located at Chateau L'Ermitage Saint-Gilles in Gard (30) since 2006. 800 m² of air-conditioned storage help ensure the quality of wines.

This is the location:

  • of reception of your single purchase order
  • of preparation and removal of pallets.

Gather winemakers whose strength is:

  • The richness of relationships and the atmosphere of a group of friends with the same vision and advancing the same purpose, to serve you better.
  • A common geographical area: The Vallée du Rhône
  • A complementary range, wide and qualitative revealing the typicality of our land and our identities of winemakers in respect of our family traditions.

Ambiance Rhône Terroirs
this is :

Greedy wine growers and wine producers.
A single purchase order, saving time for you.
The ability to mix your order to optimize your stocks.
The reduction of your transportation costs.